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Is the game the same as the Desired Love 6.4 with just a name change or have you added some things so we have to start over?

Hello, it's just a name change.

Thanks for the quick reply.

is it possible to download this on iOS ? If so how ?

Game is only downloadable for desktop platforms i.e. Win/Linux/Mac.

is Linux Android ?

Well even though Linux and Android have very similar kernel for OS, I meant that game is only available for Desktop and not mobile devices running Android or iOS.

Will there be a Zip file for Windows too, because I dont have winrar or 7zip to extract the rar file.

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Sure, if zip is better than rar. I will keep that in mind for the future.
Edit: Now "zip" is reuploaded instead of the "rar" for Win/Linux version.

Can I play it on android device? 

If not, I hope this game will be available on Android device.

Unfortunately no. Maybe there will be an android version sometimes in the future, but not now with constant changes and additions to the game code.

Thankyou for responding, and I'm really looking forward to it to be available in Android in the future, thanks... 

Hi, I downloaded the Mac update today and used "The Unarchiver" since it was a "rar" file. This program will usually work on these files, however, it did not.  If possible, could you post a zip file for the Mac release?  Thanks.

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Surely I can try. I don't have Mac so I don't know what other softwares you could try other than the one you posted.
Edit: Reuploaded "zip" version of 0.06.4 Mac

Usually the Unarchiver will work on rar files but sometimes it doesn't for some unknown reason.  Thanks for posting the zip version.

Hope it worked for you now.

Yes it did, thanks again.

You are welcome.

when is v 0.06 being released 

Version 0.06 is now being released on Patreon and after some time it will be available here. I cannot give you an exact date, simply because I don't know.

thanks for the response love the game n jus really looking forward to playing more


I'm really happy to hear that you are enjoying it and don't worry, it's gonna get here eventually.

how do I use the Patch ?

As it's shown in the picture, drag and drop it or paste into a folder called "game" and that's all. It just fixes broken code without the need to redownload a whole game again.

ahh ok  ty

No problem.

I am playing the Mac version & it runs great.  I like the story & figured out how to increase focus.  My only question is how does the MC earn money? Or is that not implemented yet?  You also have great looking animations so far.

Thank you very much. For your question, earning money is not yet implemented, it surely will be. There is a lot of "utilities" as scene replay and log explaining what to do next, hope everything was explained enough.

This is pretty fun. Can't wait to see more of it.

Thank you for trying out the game.